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My Scented Home Dried Flowers

Growing up in the country and living now in rural Dorset I am passionate about natural products and my dried flower creations give me the ability to bring the outdoors inside but also have my home decorated in flowers that will last for years.


Creating floral decor for weddings and events is my passion.  I love getting to know my wedding couples and event hosts and finding out what images they have in their heads about their event. My job is then to take those ideas or even bits of ideas and bring them to life. Some of these images have been in a brides head since she was a young girl and it is such an honour to make them a reality.


I love working with you in my workshop so you can be creative in a gorgeous location and again take home something beautiful having had a mindful couple of hours which includes coffee and always cake.

When I'm not under a pile of flowers I'm found chasing cows, children and other animals! Life as a famers wife is never dull and with 4 children I constant seem to be feeding humans and animals.

If you have any questions at all, please do reach out to me. I am always so happy to hear from everybody.

Lots of Love


Catherine | My Scented Home Dried Flowers

Welcome to Dorset Dried Flowers

Hi, I'm Catherine!

I started my business in November 2016 when I needed to earn some money for Christmas. I’m a mum of 4 and I’ve always loved doing crafts and making items. I look back at my childhood and can’t believe the clothes I used to run up on a sewing machine.


After 20 years in network marketing whilst my children were growing up I have learnt a great deal about business. So combining my love of making things and my business knowledge a handmade business has grown.

Dried flowers for weddings and events

Dried flower installations for retail and hospitality venues

Creative dried flower and wreath making workshops

Shop dried flower decor, wreaths, bouquets and kits

I want people to be able to take time out from busy lives to be creative with dried flowers and be able to display and enjoy the results of their creativity for many years.

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