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My Scented Home

  • How do you ship the products?
    Products are shipped using Royal Mail or Parcelforce on a 48 delivery.
  • Where do you ship products to?
    I can send products to anywhere in the UK. Each product is carefully packed with bubble wrap and tissue and full care instructions are included.
  • Can you do bespoke orders?
    Yes, if you contact me using the form on this website and let me know what you require then I can see if I can help you and how much it would cost.
  • Who makes the wreaths and garlands.
    All the products on the website are made by myself. I have 1 lady who helps me with some of the production and 1 lady that packs the products for me.
  • Where are the products made?
    When I started my business I literally made every product at my kitchen table. Due to the growth of the business I eventually in 2018 needed to move the business out of home. Now my workshop is a beautiful brick roundhouse in the village of Corfe Castle. The roundhouse is one of several studios that are on the site of the old milk factory in Corfe Castle. My roundhouse was the water filatration tank.
  • What are dried flowers?
    Dried flowers are fresh flowers that have been dried using various methods but mainly air dried.
  • How long do dried flowers last?
    Dried flowers will last for years providing they stay dry and dont get damp.They also need to be placed out of direct sunlight so the flowers dont fade too much.
  • Can I put my wreath on my front door?
    Dried flowers should be kept away from damp conditions if you want them to last for years. If you want to place your dried flowers on the front door they will not last very long. How long they last will depend on how sheltered the door is from the elements. However placing them on your front door will majorly shorten their life.
  • Where do you get your dried flowers?
    The majority of my flowers are purchased from growers in England. A few are purchased from a grower in Holland. I also do grow a few of my flowers and dry them myself. Seed pods and acorns and foliage is foraged by me in my local countryside.
  • How do I care for my dried flowers?
    To ensure your flowers last for years make sure they are kept dry and out of direct sunlight. To prevent a build up of dust on the flowers then pop a hairdryer on a low heat and wave over your flowers at a distance to remove the dust.
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