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Why use dried flowers for your wedding?

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Once couples have decided on their venue for the wedding they tend to move on to thinking about the look and feel of the overall wedding Florals play an important part in the look of any wedding.

As a dried flower stylist I love dried flowers but have to admit that they are not right for every wedding. They need to fit with the look and style that the couple are trying to create. Obviously a love of dried flowers is important. For some people they are adamant they want fresh flowers but for others dried flowers are an option.

Here are some of the reasons that you might choose dried flowers for your wedding

  1. All round availability. Fresh flowers are fairly seasonal. For anyone who is adamant they want fresh peonies for their wedding they really need to get married in May or June. However using dried peonies a bride can get married at any time of year knowing they can have dried peonies. I personally love the fact that I can harvest some of my flowers in the summer and dry them to use at any time the rest of the following year.

  2. Several couples have come to me this year and as well as loving the look of the dried flowers one of their considerations in choosing dried has been that one of the wedding party has severe hay fever and having dried will reduce the risk of a major sneezing attack during the wedding breakfast or even worse- the ceremony.

  3. Sustainability is huge for many couples when considering planning a wedding. Dried flowers used at weddings are very eco friendly. Once cut and harvested there is no water needed unlike fresh flowers. Due to dried flowers being very long lasting it means I can offer a rental service with my dried flower chandeliers and archways. These are made from flowers decided by me and in 4 different colourways. This allows the flowers to be used multiple times. It also reduces the cost for the customer which may also be a factor to be considered.

  4. Dried wedding flowers can be repurposed. A couple can choose to decorate their home with some of the dried flowers from their wedding. Arrangements can also be given away to friends and family and these will last for several years in their homes giving much pleasure and a constant reminder of the day.

  5. The bridal bouquet does not need to be preserved at a cost both in money and the environment. It can literally be taken home and kept dry and out of direct sunlight and will last for many years. If it needs a bit of a dust then a hairdryer on low heat moved back and forward over the bouquet will remove dust.

  6. If a couple choose to style their wedding themselves then dried flowers are perfect as they can be installed a day or two prior to the event. When I got married recently my marquee company winched my dried flower chandeliers in place as they put the marquee up. This was extremely helpful.

  7. Dried flowers are totally the look that the couple are trying to create. That boho/rustic/ cottagecore look is desired by many for a wedding. Dried flowers also look perfect for outdoor venues such as marquees or weddings being held in old barns.

If you are a couple looking at florals for your wedding I hope these points are of some help to you. If you want to discuss the pros and cons of dried flowers for your wedding then do not hesitate to contact me and I will always chat about whether dried flowers would be a good fit for you.

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